Narendra Modi cleaning the premises of Mandir Marg Police Station during his surprise visit to check on cleanliness in New Delhi (Image by Press Information Bureau, Government of India)

Clean India Campaign missing major opportunity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Clean India Campaign has made the headlines, but the initiative lacks a roadmap for managing waste and tackling carbon emissions from the waste sector. These emissions are growing at the rate of 7.3% per year. India is missing a major opportunity by ignoring this aspect

The recent initiative of the Prime Minister to tackle the issues of waste management and…Read more

According to weathermen, cyclone Phailin that struck the Odisha coast last year was the second strongest storm ever to hit India’s east coast. (Image by Save The Children)

Early days, but fierce cyclones could be climate change pointer

Just one year apart, two intense cyclones hit India. That is totally consistent with what scientists have been warning will be a consequence of climate change

Scientists says that while it is still early days to definitely conclude about the recent cyclones that struck India’s east coast as an indicator of future trends of more intense tropical cyclones due to global warming, they could be a…Read more

While the National Action Plan on Climate Change identifies poor women as the worst affected group, it fails to address the gender dimensions in its eight missions, four of which relate to agriculture-related adaptation. (Image by Ray Witlin/ World Bank)

Engendering climate in Indian states

Women are more vulnerable to climate change effects than men, but India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change had not taken that it into account. An effort is now being made to correct it

State governments in India have been “very positive” about incorporating the gender dimension in their climate change action plans. “Policymakers and bureaucrats have realised that this was missing and needed technical help,” says Aditi…Read more

Infosys among top Indian firms that are doing their bit to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions (Image by Laurent Blondeau)

Some Indian firms save money while fighting climate change

The annual report of the Carbon Disclosure Project shows large Indian firms are more aware of what they can do to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and are taking serious steps, as long as they can see the money or the savings at the end of the road

If you ask India’s top 200 companies to report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions last year, 59 respond. You can see that as a cup 30% full or 70% empty. The Carbon Disclosure Project…Read more

While China has made impressive gains in energy efficiency, these have been largely negated by increases in activities like mining and metal-smelting, says Guan (Image by Wu Haitao / Greenpeace)

Pushing China to peak emissions early could be bad for climate

Forcing an emissions peak in China too soon could damage global efforts to tackle climate change, says climate economist Guan Dabo

Pushing China to peak its greenhouse-gas emissions too soon could damage global efforts to tackle climate change by driving industry to less efficient countries, a Chinese climate economist has argued. Guan Dabo of the UK’s University of East Anglia told Chinadialogue that China’s experience…Read more

One of the several coal mines at Talcher in Orissa. (Image by Anannya Deb)

Verdict on coal blocks can help India’s environment

The recent Supreme Court judgement on coal blocks is an opportunity for India to reduce global warming by shifting focus away from coal energy and revving up renewable energy production

India should seize on the Supreme Court’s decision to cancel allotment of coal blocks for mining as a golden chance to revamp its energy sector and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, analysts say. Observing that the allotment was ad-hoc…Read more

A solar installation at Auroville, Pondicherry (Image by ammusk)

India to get its Solar Atlas

While India aims to reach 20,000 MW of solar power by 2020, a national Solar Atlas is in the making that will help scale up India’s sunrise sector

A Solar Atlas of India is now in the making. Earlier this year, the Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET), an autonomous research and development institution that forms a part of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), signed an agreement with 3TIER India Private Ltd…Read more


Modi, Obama back success of 2015 climate treaty

For the first time, India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi backs a successful conclusion to the new global climate treaty scheduled to be signed in Paris next year. US President Barack Obama gives the same backing as the two leaders meet in the White House and the two countries significantly widen their partnership on how to tackle climate change

India and the US have agreed on a “new and enhanced strategic partnership on …Read more

Centre for Social Research has been training rural women leaders (sarpanch) and potential leaders in the desert state of Rajasthan since 2012 to take a lead in water management and conservation. (Image by Centre for Social Research)

Women show climate leadership to tackle water scarcity

Climatologists have warned that women in South Asia are particularly vulnerable to climate change. As already-scarce water in the Rajasthan desert becomes more elusive due to climate change, a project is training women on how to manage water better

There is mounting evidence that climate change is leading to increased hardship for poor women, especially in rural areas of the…Read more

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the world leaders to adopt an International Yoga day to fight climate change, during his address to the UN General Assembly on Saturday. (Image by Press Information Bureaur, Government of India)

Combating climate change needs more than yoga

Yoga may give inner peace but is not a solution to the global climate crises – a green activist comments on Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s speech at the UN General Assembly

In his first address to the UN General Assembly in New York, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the global crisis of climate change. He pointed towards ‘lifestyles’ being the essence of the problem. This is not the first time PM…Read more

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