Indian farmers inspecting millet - a climate-smart but neglected crop that grows in arid region (Image by C.Bonham)

India’s ignored drylands could be key to climate-resilient agriculture

Rainfed farming in drylands taps into locally available crop and animal diversity and Indian policy makers should look at such traditional knowhow to develop climate resistant agriculture strategies, say experts

Rainfed farming in India’s drylands, often dismissed as ‘weak’, ‘fragile’ and ‘unproductive’, could hold the key to climate-resilient agriculture because of enormous crop and animal diversity, experts say. More than two-thirds – an estimated…Read more

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi's energy policy aims for a greener energy mix but will remain heavily reliant on coal

India’s post-2020 climate plan in disarray

India delays its national climate plan as the world’s third-largest emitter struggles to meet earlier pledges on cutting emissions intensity

India’s delayed submission of a national climate plan is the result of increasing doubts that the country can meet an emissions intensity target pledged in 2009, plunging future commitments into disarray, India Climate Dialogue can reveal. At the 2009 climate summit six years ago, India…Read more

Familar obstacles remain at UN climate talks with little time left to refine a draft text ahead of December’s Paris summit

Climate talks resume as weak deal the likely outcome in Paris

The latest round of UN climate talks is unlikely to deliver the big breakthroughs required for an ambitious deal to be agreed in Paris

UN climate talks this week are the last major opportunity to refine a negotiating text ahead of the Paris climate summit, but the opening gambits from major emitters suggest a much-needed willingness to compromise remains elusive. The gap remains wide between fully-industrialised…Read more

There is not yet any sign that the authorities are preparing to tackle the economic fallout of a deficit monsoon, either this year or into the future.

El Niño does hit the monsoon, but some links still missing

Experts say there is a correlation between El Niño and the weak monsoon in South Asia this year, though a conclusive link is yet to be established

Fears of the impact of a strong El Niño – the warming of the central to eastern tropical Pacific Ocean waters – on South Asia’s monsoon system seem to have been confirmed by deficit rains in the region this year. More than halfway into the South Asian monsoon, a crucial lifeline for…Read more

( Image by sonounribellemamma)

Where have all the sardines gone?

The myriad effects of climate change, including global warming, has seen sardine catches dip alarmingly in India’s southern state Kerala, impacting the lives and livelihoods of thousands of poor families

The effects of climate change, marine pollution and growing corporatisation has seen the popular sardine all but disappear from Kerala’s waters, leading to dipping incomes for…Read more

Rajendra Singh leads a water rights march in Stockholm during the 2015 World Water Week (Image by Jal Jan Jodo Abhiyan)

Water Nobel winner seeks water rights for people

The Stockholm Water Prize is often called the Nobel Prize on water. This year’s winner Rajendra Singh of India speaks exclusively to thethirdpole.net on the eve of the award ceremony and says water should be saved from the corporate world

Amidst a gathering of over 3,000 people from around the globe to celebrate 25 years of World Water Week in Stockholm, Rajendra Singh is being awarded the Stockholm Water Prize…Read more

A solar panel installed on a hut in Sundarbans (Image by Joydeep Gupta)

Solar lamps make big money for Bangladesh

Bangladesh earns 3.56 million euro by installing home solar energy systems in villages off the electricity grid

“Now things are totally different for us. The solar lamp has changed our lives,” said Momena Begum. “We can do some work in the evening. Like now I can stitch a nakshi kantha (a cotton wrapper with a traditional design) if I have some time in the evening. Some other women in my…Read more

The 100 KW unit which has been fixed atop the golden jubilee building of Kerala University’s Karyavattom campus. (Image by ANERT)

Lessons from the solar campus

Karyavattom Campus at Kerala University gets the biggest grid-connected photovoltaic power plant project of the Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology. Other institutes in India are following suit

When Kerala University approached the Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) to implement a 100 kilowatt (KW) solar project as part of its energy…Read more

In one of China’s most parched regions, villagers in Ningxia province are being relocated to less arid areas as precious water supplies evaporate in the face of climate change. (Image by 徐晓林)

China’s climate migrants

Forced relocations in China’s arid Ningxia province underline the difficulties of adapting to climate change

As the roof of their home was brought crashing down in a planned demolition, Ma Guoqing and his family set off to start their new life. Ma, 31, was leaving the village of Luziwo in the northern Chinese province of Ningxia, where he lived with his parents, his wife and his son. They knew nothing of their…Read more

Glacier lake in northern Bhutan (Photo credit: Choidup Zangpo/ICIMOD)

Glacier floods a growing threat across the third pole

Melting glaciers and warmer temperatures have expanded glacier lakes across the region, increasing the risks of catastrophic floods downstream

The number of glacier lakes on the Tibetan plateau and surrounding mountain ranges has grown significantly over the past three decades because of melting glaciers, a new study has revealed, warning of the growing risk of catastrophic floods downstream. The Hindu Kush…Read more

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