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The Lima deal: Differentiation ends, negotiations begin for sharing the global carbon budget

Time to consider climate change as a social and energy issue rather than a physical and environmental problem, says a former Indian negotiator

Lima witnessed the end game of a 20 year old negotiation around doing away with differentiation between countries at different levels of development and the beginning of negotiations on a global pact for sharing the carbon budget. It is all…Read more

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Weak compromise at Lima, more bottlenecks before Paris climate deal

Lima summit ends with a call for action that is not strong enough to combat climate change, while the real action keeps shifting elsewhere

In a style now typical of the annual UN climate summits, the 2014 conference in the Peruvian capital Lima reached a conclusion more than 32 hours after its scheduled closure, with a call for action that at best keeps open the door for an intergovernmental deal next year to…Read more

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China pledges US$20 million a year to its new South-South Cooperation Fund

China’s chief climate negotiator Xie Zhenhua says the South-South Cooperation Fund will become the cornerstone of China’s climate leadership

The Chinese government will not contribute to the Green Climate Fund, preferring instead to establish a South-South Cooperation Fund to continue work with developing nations, chinadialogue has learned. China’s chief negotiator and vice-chair of the National Development and Reform…Read more

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Growing business commitment to low carbon growth is a bright spot at UN talks in Lima

Wrangling over the costs of dealing with climate change remains a sore point at climate talks, but the private sector is more awake to low-carbon energy

As the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change released a weighty draft in Lima of what might evolve into a climate deal in Paris at the end of 2015, clear faultlines persist among the 192 participating countries. Much of this divide stems from continuing disagreements about…Read more

Thousands of marchers demand climate justice at UN climate summit in Lima (Image by Joydeep Gupta)

Climate summit weakened by entrenched differences, yet again

Fundamental differences between developed and developing countries on how to combat climate change remain at the Lima summit, with a weak declaration the likely outcome

The more the climate changes, the more climate negotiations remain the same. The December 1-12 summit of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has failed to be an exception. On the last day of the scheduled close…Read more

In the Tibetan plateau, a yak herder’s home that has tilted and has been damaged due to thawing of the permafrost below

India to map thawing permafrost

India plans a pilot study to map a Himalayan state’s frozen soil or ‘permafrost’, whose thawing due to global warming may cause extensive natural and infrastructure damage

For the first time, the Indian government is planning a pilot study of permafrost in Himachal Pradesh. It is expected to provide crucial data in a little-studied area of climate change impact in the Himalayas. Part of an Indo-Swiss science and…Read more

Civil society needs to augment its fight against climate change, say experts (Image by Carlos Gracia Granthon)

Civil society needs to augment its fight against climate change

As the world struggles to lay the foundations a new global climate deal in yet another round of annual UN-led negotiations in Lima, experts stress that it is the role of civil society organizations that is crucial to bring a change at the grassroots

As multiple stakeholders gear up to hammer out a global agreement to combat climate change at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) summit in Lima…Read more

Environment minister Prakash Javadekar (left) with Xie Zhenhua, Vice Chairman, National Development and Reform Commission

India to showcase achievements at Lima, says minister

Prakash Javadekar, India’s Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change, says the country has done a lot to combat climate change, and it is time to tell the world what it has done

India is participating in the climate negotiations at the Lima summit “with a positive mindset and I have asked our negotiators to be positive because we want this to succeed to prepare a good ground for Paris 2015,” Prakash Javadekar…Read more

In a departure from its traditional stand, Indian negotiators are now pondering over an announcement of a peaking year for the country's greenhouse gas emissions. (Image by Vijay Chennupati)

China assures, India ponders emissions peaking year

With Chinese assurance that it will not leave the developing country group in climate negotiations, and with the US keen on a joint declaration when Barack Obama visits New Delhi late January, India is mulling an announcement of its greenhouse gas emissions peaking year – all options between 2035 and 2050 are on the table

Two developments, one on the opening day of the climate summit in Lima and one the…Read more

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What can South Asia expect from the UN climate talks in Lima?

As the next round of the UN climate negotiations open in Lima, we asked a group of South Asian experts what they hope the conference will achieve

The Conference of the Parties (COP) beginning in Lima is an extremely important meeting, because it will lay the foundation for a global agreement at the next COP in Paris next year. My expectation is that the negotiators and delegations take a deep look at the findings of the Fifth Assessment…Read more

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