Obama hopes to use administrative powers to stay on track with his pledges in the face of a hostile Congress (Image by Guerric)

Obama gets ready for Republican ‘war’ on climate policy

The Republican-dominated Congress is vowing to thwart President Obama’s curbs on coal, threatening US climate targets pledged ahead of next year’s crunch climate talks in Paris

US President Barack Obama’s newest push on climate change was greeted with applause around the world. He was praised for bringing China into the global climate-change regime when he and China’s President Xi Jinping announced their…Read more

China’s developing financial and capital markets offer a unique opportunity for embedding climate and broader environmental considerations into financial policies (Image by hugolim)

China-US climate pledges are nothing without a greener financial system

A successful climate deal needs a financial system that’s able to allocate capital towards sustainable development. China is starting to realise this, says Simon Zadek of the Global Green Growth Institute

The recent announcement of a deal between China and the US on climate may be a breakthrough development for international climate negotiations in Paris in late 2015. The actual numbers are important, of course, as our climate is…Read more

The China-US deal will take the world towards 3C, says Sunita Narain (Image by Bret Arnett)

India can’t follow China’s emissions pledge, says negotiator

Indian government distances itself from Chinese climate position following pledge to peak emissions in 2030

India will not be able to follow China into a firm commitment on peaking emissions, a senior Indian negotiator has said in the wake of a major Sino-US announcement on climate change today. At the close of the Asia-Pacific Economic (APEC) summit in Beijing, China pledged to peak…Read more

A resident of Sagar island is able to save just one bag of wheat as she is forced out of her home by the high tide.

Silently rises the sea

No storm, no rain, just a routine high tide, and 14 villages on a mouth of the Ganga are devastated by a salt water wave that breaches the embankment. Experts call it an early sign of sea level rise due to climate change

Tarun Das, a resident of Silpara village of Sagar island in West Bengal, and his family are now living in a temporary shed at the backyard of his house after staying in a flood shelter for…Read more

Climate scientists should be honest about the carbon budgets necessary for the world to remain within the 2C target, says Kevin Anderson (Image by Valerie)

The world is heading towards a ‘weak and irrelevant’ deal on climate change

We have squandered any reasonable chance of keeping within 2C of climate change unless we take draconian action, says climate scientist Kevin Anderson

The former director of the Tyndall Centre, the UK’s leading academic climate change research organisation, talks to chinadialogue’s Tom Levitt about climate politics and his hopes for a global deal on reducing emissions by the end of …Read more

The 1992 climate regime should be updated taking into account the current understanding of the natural and social sciences, says a former Indian negotiator. (Image by Pieter Van Marion)

Compromises have to be made by all for an effective climate regime

The next COP at Lima will be a milestone in defining the architecture of the future climate regime. A former Indian negotiator says the discussion should really be on how best to update the climate regime established in 1992, based on the current understanding of natural and social sciences

The current impasse in the climate negotiations provides an unprecedented opportunity for the BRICS countries to re-frame a global…Read more

According to the latest IPCC report, the Indo-Gangetic Plains in India, which produce about 14-15% of global wheat, could suffer significant reductions due to climate change-induced heat stress, affecting about 200 million people. (Image by Nupur Das Gupta)

Much worry and a ray of hope

The summary of the IPCC’s fifth assessment report has a stark warning on how climate change is threatening the world, but also shows the way out – if policymakers are willing to take it

Climate change, if left unchecked, will increase the likelihood of severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts on people and ecosystems. With these words, the world’s scientists have…Read more

The western Indian Ocean has been warming at a faster rate than any other tropical ocean in the world, according to an Indo-French meteorological study. (Image by Connie Ma)

Indian Ocean warming: a curious case

The western Indian Ocean has been warming far more than researchers believed earlier, according to a joint study by Indian and French scientists. They ascribe this to human interference in the atmosphere and to the El Niño effect, though other researchers are not sure if El Niño is responsible

The western Indian Ocean, previously believed to be cool, has been warming for over a century, according to a recent Indo-French…Read more

A villager  standing next to a board in Lapodiya that requests people not to pester the wild animals and notifies them of the ban on cutting trees and on any encroachment in the pasture

A village adapts to climate change in myriad ways

A small village in Rajasthan sets an example by its model of environment governance which combines traditional and religious practices with scientific concepts to tackle problems brought on by climate change

Lapodiya, a village of 200 households in Rajasthan, is a shining example of how environment governance at the grassroots level can save a village from natural disasters…Read more

Narendra Modi cleaning the premises of Mandir Marg Police Station during his surprise visit to check on cleanliness in New Delhi (Image by Press Information Bureau, Government of India)

Clean India Campaign missing major opportunity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Clean India Campaign has made the headlines, but the initiative lacks a roadmap for managing waste and tackling carbon emissions from the waste sector. These emissions are growing at the rate of 7.3% per year. India is missing a major opportunity by ignoring this aspect

The recent initiative of the Prime Minister to tackle the issues of waste management and…Read more

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