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China faces ‘grave risks’ from climate change

Head of China’s weather service warns that climate change could make droughts, crop failures and energy shortages increasingly likely in the world’s most populous country

China’s most senior weather official has given a strong warning on climate change, saying that rising temperatures could have “huge impacts” on the country’s food and water supplies, state media reported on Sunday. Rising global…Read more

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‘Under the Dome’ may be a turning point for China’s environment policy

Chai Jing’s wildly successful documentary means that for Chinese environmental policy, nothing will ever quite be the same again

One year ago, I was hired to lead an EU-funded project under China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection that promotes disclosure of environmental information, public participation and access to justice. At the time, the initiative seemed like a hard sell…Read more

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Forest loss in the tundra reduces South Asian monsoon rain harder than loss in the tropics

The monsoon in South Asia is impacted five times more severely by deforestation the tundra than in the tropics, says a new study

Large-scale deforestation in mid- and higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere impacts the South Asian monsoon far more than local deforestation does, and could cause an 18% decline in monsoon rains over India, a new study says. It urges inclusion and careful…Read more

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Every sign that Paris summit will go down to the wire

The Geneva round of negotiations for a Paris climate deal, as well as subsequent pronouncements by key governments, indicate that the Paris summit this December will be bogged down by the usual bickering, and end up with a treaty too weak to combat global warming

Every time bureaucrats sit down to draft a climate deal, the draft balloons with more square brackets – the UN euphemism to indicate lack of…Read more

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Obama’s climate diplomacy: the dangers of bilateralism

The climate bilateralism Obama pursues sets a dangerous precedent that undermines the multilateral framework under which the world seeks a meaningful global treaty on climate change

While it was not the first time a US President visited India, nor the first time Barack Obama came calling, the saturation coverage of his visit was unprecedented. Readers of national dailies and viewers of news channels were…Read more

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Zero sum diplomacy cannot save world from climate change

Global problems call for global collective action and climate change is no exception. The need of hour is statesmanship rather than pursuit of narrow interests

The danger posed by global warming is only matched by our blatant disregard of it. A scan of news headlines demonstrates our preoccupation with short term crises as the planet inexorably heads towards an apocalyptic tipping point caused by unabated emissions of heat trapping…Read more

The arid region of Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas aims to produce 100,000 MW of solar power by 2050 (Image by Harikrishna Katragadda/Greenpeace)

India’s solar dream: does the country have enough water?

Narendra Modi’s ambitious solar energy expansion may be scuppered by lack of water, particularly in arid regions where the biggest solar farms are planned

Enthusiasm for solar energy has grown recently with the dramatic fall in prices of solar photovoltaic equipment and the global drive to switch to ‘cleaner’ energy sources. In India, the government hopes to establish the country as a leader…Read more

The EU has hung out its banner ahead of talks in Bonn by calling for bold moves from the US and China, though its own offer looks tame (Image by tristam sparks/flickr)

EU demands legally-binding climate deal

The EU has set the bar high for a future climate treaty by asking for it to be legally binding, a move sure to be resisted by China and US

The European Union has demanded that the United States and China stand behind a recent pledge to act jointly on climate change, by signing a legally binding protocol at a summit in Paris at the end of this year. The EU’s executive, the European Commission, for the first time made…Read more

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EU’s contribution to UN climate deal “unambitious” say analysts

The European Commission publishes its proposals for a future UN climate deal, but the bloc should improve its offer of 40% cut, say commentators

The European Commission’s proposed contribution to a potential climate deal at Paris talks later this year – including a 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – lacks ambition when set against the bloc’s plans for low-carbon energy, analysts said. The EU executive’s climate plan…Read more

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India doubles coal cess to finance clean energy

With $100 billion needed for India’s ambitious 100GW solar plan, the finance minister has doubled a cess on coal twice within the last nine months, but his 2015 budget is weak on measures to check air and water pollution

India took an important step on Saturday to finance its ambitious plan to generate 100 gigawatts of solar power by 2022, by doubling the cess on coal. Presenting the country’s annual…Read more

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