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Electricity trading in its infancy in South Asia

Power-starved South Asia can do much better if the countries improve cooperation on buying and selling electricity and move from bilateral agreements to a regional agreement. The obstacle is India

Acute energy poverty is one of the principal challenges in South Asia. Resource scarcity and a burgeoning population make electrification a particularly daunting task. Coupled with a high variance in distribution of natural…Read more

The countries that have submitted their INDCs in the first quarter of 2015 (Image by Climate Central)

US climate plan lacks ambition

The US government submission to the UNFCCC on how it plans to control greenhouse gas emissions is the same as it announced in a deal with China last year. It is not ambitious enough, and points to a weak deal at the Paris climate summit

Everybody following negotiations to a global climate deal – scheduled to be finalized at the Paris climate summit this December – has been waiting eagerly to see what the US government is…Read more

(Image by Marco Forster)

Can Budget 2015 deliver for India’s environment?

Allowing private sector greater role in the renewable energy sector will be a major step forward, says a noted analyst

The year 2015 will see global leaders make some critical decisions for the world economy and the environment, impacting the future of current and future generations. India’s government has a unique opportunity to make such decisions. The country’s economy, now valued at $2.1 trillion…Read more

(Image by Dinesh Cayanam)

Budget 2015: Rhetoric or serious thinking in climate policymaking?

India’s annual budget has missed a chance to lay down a roadmap for moving towards a low carbon future

The latest Indian Economic Survey has suggested a number of ‘green’ actions the government should undertake. The big ones are effective reduction of subsidies to coal and oil, and a move towards taxing carbon emissions. In light of the forthcoming series of international negotiations…Read more

Cover of the report: Stranded assets and subcritical coal - The risk to companies and investors

US, China, India have world’s dirtiest old coal-fired power plants

The old ‘subcritical’ coal-fired power plants are the least efficient, guzzle the most water and are the worst polluters. The trouble is, they still form 77% of all coal-fired power plants, with a preponderance in China, the US and India

As the world grapples with the pursuit of clean energy, the global dependence on coal is
under increasing scrutiny. Thanks to subsidies, coal remains the cheapest energy source…Read more


Study soot to understand melting rate of glaciers

An inventory on sources and flow of soot across India could be extrapolated to understand black carbon emissions across the Himalayas and their impact on glacial melt and flow

How exactly does soot or ‘black carbon’ particles released from the incomplete burning of fuels affect hydrologic sensitivity and glacial melt in the fragile Hindu Kush, Karakoram and Himalayan (HKH) mountain system? The answer…Read more

( Image by Lu Guang/Greenpeace)

China faces ‘grave risks’ from climate change

Head of China’s weather service warns that climate change could make droughts, crop failures and energy shortages increasingly likely in the world’s most populous country

China’s most senior weather official has given a strong warning on climate change, saying that rising temperatures could have “huge impacts” on the country’s food and water supplies, state media reported on Sunday. Rising global…Read more

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‘Under the Dome’ may be a turning point for China’s environment policy

Chai Jing’s wildly successful documentary means that for Chinese environmental policy, nothing will ever quite be the same again

One year ago, I was hired to lead an EU-funded project under China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection that promotes disclosure of environmental information, public participation and access to justice. At the time, the initiative seemed like a hard sell…Read more

(Image by Peter L. Albrecht)

Forest loss in the tundra reduces South Asian monsoon rain harder than loss in the tropics

The monsoon in South Asia is impacted five times more severely by deforestation the tundra than in the tropics, says a new study

Large-scale deforestation in mid- and higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere impacts the South Asian monsoon far more than local deforestation does, and could cause an 18% decline in monsoon rains over India, a new study says. It urges inclusion and careful…Read more

(image by Mikael Miettinen)

Every sign that Paris summit will go down to the wire

The Geneva round of negotiations for a Paris climate deal, as well as subsequent pronouncements by key governments, indicate that the Paris summit this December will be bogged down by the usual bickering, and end up with a treaty too weak to combat global warming

Every time bureaucrats sit down to draft a climate deal, the draft balloons with more square brackets – the UN euphemism to indicate lack of…Read more

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