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The future of our climate coverage

A message from our editors

Now more than ever, India must address climate change. The decisions made today, from renewable energy to adaptation to the path to recovery after Covid-19, will determine our planet’s future. Meeting the challenges of climate change effectively will demand new conversations across boundaries of language, geography, social sectors and scientific disciplines about nature, science, inequality, health, justice and more.

Recognising this, India Climate Dialogue is pleased to announce it will merge with its sister website The Third Pole, which publishes news and analysis on climate, water, nature and livelihoods across South, Central and Southeast Asia, in English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Nepali and Russian.

The Third Pole will offer India Climate Dialogue’s readers expanded, high quality coverage of all aspects of climate change in India; the merger will facilitate exploration of the cross cutting relationships between the climate, water and biodiversity crises. These interlinked crises demand collaborative solutions that go across disciplines and beyond borders. The Third Pole provides a space to understand and discuss today’s climate and environmental challenges in the round. will continue to be available as a repository of past climate coverage. Future coverage of climate change in India can be accessed directly on Sign up to our bi-weekly newsletter and follow The Third Pole on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be part of this essential and expanded conversation.

Authors: Sam Geall, China Dialogue Trust acting CEO and Joydeep Gupta, The Third Pole South Asia director

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