A farmer ploughing his field in the hope of rain in sun-baked Marathwada (Photo by Joydeep Gupta)

People struggle to survive India’s drought

In Maharashtra – the epicentre of the drought gripping the country – farmers are abandoning dying crops and people are struggling to find enough water to survive

The crew of Holy Star with litter recovered from their nets at Sakthikulangara harbour in Kerala (Photo by Shailendra Yashwant)

Paving roads in Kerala with ocean plastic

An well-intentioned initiative in Kerala to use plastic waste salvaged from the Arabian Sea to pave roads in the southern province may be doing more harm than good

Droplets rising from the Champagne vent on the ocean floor in the Mariana Islands. Fluids venting from the site contain dissolved carbon dioxide (Image by NOAA Ocean Explorer)

Deep sea carbon reservoirs may superheat Earth again

Naturally occurring reservoirs of carbon in the modern ocean could be disturbed again, with potentially serious effects to Earth’s oceans and climate

Sambari Krishani of Mudulipada has to walk two hours daily to fetch drinking water (Photo by Tanmoy Bhaduri)

Climate change affects Odisha’s Bonda tribe

Faced with rising temperatures, deforestation and poor development, the Bonda people in Odisha are abandoning their ancestral villages and migrating in search of livelihoods

A Mangal Turbine installed on Jamni River in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh in India’s drought-prone Bundelkhand region (Photo by Bharat Dogra)

Waterwheel whose time has come

World Environment Day is an appropriate occasion to turn a spotlight on the invention of Mangal Turbine, which boosts rural productivity and reduces greenhouse gas emissions


India Solar Rooftop Map 2017

The latest edition of the report shows that India added 678 MW of rooftop solar capacity in the financial year ended March 31, growing at 81% year-on-year and reaching a total installed capacity of 1.4 GW. Strong market fundamentals including falling costs and improving debt financing mean that the segment will continue its strong growth trajectory…Read more

Brown to Green: the G20 Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

G20 countries have stepped up green finance, but their investment in fossil fuels remains so high that the well below 2 degree warming limits set in the Paris Agreement will be missed by a wide margin, says the 2017 report. This third edition of the annual report provides a comprehensive overview of the G20 countries on how they are doing on the journey to transition to a low-carbon economy. It assesses the main trends for the G20 in emissions, climate policy performance, finance and decarbonisation…Read more


Electric buses a golden opportunity for India

India must not squander this chance of electrifying its urban bus transit system and should take care to avoid the mistakes it made while converting diesel-run buses to CNG

Policy continuity and concerns after Indian elections

The resounding victory for the governing party in India’s elections means that it is likely to continue championing the policies it embarked on in 2014, some of them with serious environmental consequences


18-21 June: Adaptation Futures 2018

Venue: Cape Town, South Africa  Organiser: Global Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation (PROVIA)

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