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Harvested oil palm fruits at a plantation in southern India (Photo by Alamy)

India needs to make palm oil production sustainable

As India takes steps to increase edible oil production, controlling deforestation while boosting palm oil production will help it meet its Paris Climate Agreement pledges

Coal mining is set to increase in India (Photo by Joerg Boethling / Alamy)

India’s push for more coal to increase methane emissions

India proposes to open 52 new coal mines of at least one million tonne capacity each, which could increase the country’s methane emissions by 45 million tonnes in 20 years

A village blacksmith using a solar-powered blower in Karnataka (Photo by Selco)

Solar power can help eradicate poverty in India

Decentralised solar energy provides an opportunity to alleviate poverty in India by harnessing it for income-generating activities, says Indian solar pioneer Harish Hande

Electric vehicle charging needs clean solutions (Photo by Alamy)

Use renewable sources to charge electric vehicles in India

There is a compelling case to catalyse decarbonising transportation in India, which can be achieved by deploying clean-powered electric vehicle charging stations

India is moving towards a multi-pronged climate strategy (Photo by Soumya Sarkar)

India’s climate diplomacy has to move up a gear

India needs to adopt a coordinated strategy when it comes to climate diplomacy so that financial and technological resources are prioritised and reallocated


India Solar Rooftop Map 2017

The latest edition of the report shows that India added 678 MW of rooftop solar capacity in the financial year ended March 31, growing at 81% year-on-year and reaching a total installed capacity of 1.4 GW. Strong market fundamentals including falling costs and improving debt financing mean that the segment will continue its strong growth trajectory…Read more

Brown to Green: the G20 Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

G20 countries have stepped up green finance, but their investment in fossil fuels remains so high that the well below 2 degree warming limits set in the Paris Agreement will be missed by a wide margin, says the 2017 report. This third edition of the annual report provides a comprehensive overview of the G20 countries on how they are doing on the journey to transition to a low-carbon economy. It assesses the main trends for the G20 in emissions, climate policy performance, finance and decarbonisation…Read more



18-21 June: Adaptation Futures 2018

Venue: Cape Town, South Africa  Organiser: Global Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation (PROVIA)

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