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Author: Aditi Gaddam

South Asian soot drifts over Himalayas

New study suggests pollution from South Asia’s cooking stoves and forest fires drifts over the Himalayas, contributing to glacier melt on the Tibetan plateau, but more research needed to confirm how much

The mighty Himalayas are not acting as a barrier to pollution from South Asia, as previously thought, a new study by scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Tibetan Plateau…Read more

India’s solar dream: does the country have enough water?

Narendra Modi’s ambitious solar energy expansion may be scuppered by lack of water, particularly in arid regions where the biggest solar farms are planned

Enthusiasm for solar energy has grown recently with the dramatic fall in prices of solar photovoltaic equipment and the global drive to switch to ‘cleaner’ energy sources. In India, the government hopes to establish the country as a leader…Read more