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Author: Anu Jogesh

Climate disconnect in India’s smart cities mission

The recent spate of floods in India has rekindled conversation on the need for smart city development that explicitly builds in resilience in planning and decision-making

Climate resilience has failed to find a mention in a cross-section of smart city proposals in India, especially because a number these urban centres are already engaged in projects aimed at…Read More

Project-based approach to state climate action won’t work

Though the process for state climate action plans is under way in India, the project by project approach could lead to several problems, including ad-hoc selection of proposals that are not long-term

It’s been six years since the process of preparing state climate plans in India was first initiated. So far, 28 states and union territories have prepared the climate action plans, making it one of the largest initiatives in domestic sub-national…Read more

India’s state climate plans

Are India’s state climate plans an opportunity to redirect development towards climate and environmental sustainability, or just vehicles for existing development action?

India’s climate discourse has historically focused on the principles of equity and historical responsibility, with little inclination for domestic action. And yet climate policy in the country is proliferating. Over 28 states and union territories have…Read more