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Author: Azera Parveen Rahman

Japanese encephalitis surges on changing climate

Doctors and health experts blame warmer weather and erratic rainfall for a rising number of cases in Assam and Manipur, with similar evidence emerging across Asia

In July, the death of a four-year-old girl in Manipur due to Japanese Encephalitis unleashed panic in the state. It was the first death from the deadly viral brain infection…Read More

Brahmaputra leaves a desert behind

As the floodwaters of the Brahmaputra recede for now, farmers of Assam find their fields covered with sand on which they can grow nothing

In a village about 20 kilometres from Lakhimpur – the main town on the north bank of the Brahmaputra river in Assam – Kushal Das stands on the road and strains his eyes to locate dry patches in his farmland…Read More

Climate change impacts Assam’s cuisine and culture

Several varieties of traditional vegetables, fruits and rice are disappearing from Assam due to climate change, affecting not just the cuisine but, given the close symbiotic relationship, also the culture of the region

Can climate change affect our culture? A drastic thought on the face of it, but when you remember that food is an intrinsic part of culture it may no longer seem so extreme. As local…Read More

Something old, something new: Assam farmers adapt to climate change

Farmers in flood-prone Assam are adapting to the vagaries of climate change by going back to the old system of growing local varieties of rice or opting for newer crops like watermelon and sugarcane

As predictable as day turning to night, floods in India’s northeast state of Assam have this year too wrought devastation with a fresh wave in August killing dozens of people, affecting more than a million and inundating large swathes…Read more