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Author: Charlotte Middlehurst

Climate action unstoppable but too slow: John Kerry

The costs of climate inaction are too great to ignore but private capital must mobilise quickly to invest in low carbon, says outgoing US Secretary of State

John Kerry, the outgoing US Secretary of State and environmental advocate, delivered his swansong with a personal and urgent tone at the UN climate talks in Marrakech on Wednesday. Meanwhile, colleagues in Washington grappled with…Read More

US seeks to allay fears over climate action

The US will continue to take action on climate change, its chief negotiator said, even as developing nations struggled to get their concerns addressed in the draft ‘Marrakech Call for Action’

“Heads of state can and will change, but we can and we will sustain a durable effort to conquer climate change,” says Jonathan Pershing, chief climate negotiator of the US government…Read More

Cut carbon emissions by a quarter more, urges UNEP

Governments must take immediate action to avoid a global temperature rise of three degrees Celsius or more and emissions must peak by 2020 to limit the rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius

Countries must act immediately to deepen emissions cuts if the world is to stand a chance at limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius this century, according to a new report…Read More

China’s wind power overtakes the EU

China now accounts for around one third of the world’s installed wind power capacity, according to new figures from world wind power lobby

China has overtaken Europe to become the world’s biggest producer of wind power after its domestic sector grew by 60% last year. Following a government-backed drive to build new wind farms, China’s installed capacity now totals 145.1 GW, surpassing the EU’s 141.6 GW…Read More