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Author: Darryl D'Monte

India to double emissions by 2030, but within Paris commitments

Depending on developmental needs and pace of economic growth, India’s emissions growth is most likely to remain within the commitments it has made under the Paris climate pact

In 2030, when countries have to take stock of their commitments under the Paris agreement, India will double its CO2 emissions from its 2012 levels, but it will still be within its intensity pledge…Read More

Reviving Himalayan springs essential for climate adaptation

The serious water shortages in the Himalayas in recent times, brought on due to population pressures, deforestation and erratic rainfall, can be partly countered by reviving mountain springs

At a time when receding glaciers, erratic rainfall and deforestation in the Himalayas is leading to severe water shortages in the uplands, people’s initiatives to revive mountain springs…Read More

India’s renewables sector to provide jobs bonanza

The rapid expansion of wind and solar power capacity in India is set to expand the employment market by as much as 300,000, according to the International Labour Organisation

India will create over 300,000 jobs in the solar and wind sectors in the five years from 2017, according to a new International Labour Organisation report. By 2022, the government has set a target…Read More

India’s forests turning brown

The core forests across the country, including those that are protected, are turning from green to brown, a worrying phenomenon that scientists say is due to more than seasonal variations

As much as 4.6 million hectares of forests in India are browning, according to a study by the Hyderabad-based National Remote Sensing Centre of the Indian Space Research Organisation…Read More