Author: Darryl D'Monte

Is Bengaluru’s bus system an intelligence failure?

Although Bengaluru’s Intelligent Transport System for buses has been nominated for the prestigious C40 Cities award for sustainable transportation, the reality on the ground leaves much to be desired

Somewhat surprisingly, Bengaluru’s Intelligent Transport System for buses — the first of its kind in India — has been shortlisted with four other cities worldwide…Read More

Scientists slam study linking farmer suicides with climate change

A widely reported study that links Indian farmers’ suicides to climate change has come under criticism, with some academics accusing it of misunderstanding data, poor analysis and wrong conclusions

Some scholars have taken exception to a study by Tamma Carleton of the University of California, Berkeley, which links farmers’ suicides to rises in temperature due to climate change…Read More

Mumbai faces increasing storm surges

Imperceptible rise in sea levels and changes in weather patterns is making Mumbai and the west coast of India more vulnerable to severe cyclonic storms

Many older citizens of Mumbai vividly recall the cyclone that hit the metropolis in 1948. As strong winds and rain lashed the city incessantly, the sky was overcast and a sense of menace…Read More

India headed for coal power overcapacity

Despite its proactive stance on climate action, India continues to invest in increasing electricity capacity fired by coal, much of which may never be used, says a new report, but some experts disagree

India is building new coal power plants and expanding existing ones, creating excess generation capacity in this sector, according to a recent study by Greenpeace India…Read More

Indian solar makers unfazed by adverse WTO verdict

Domestic solar equipment manufacturers are not worried about the World Trade Organisation’s ruling against India’s buy-local policy because petitioner United States has become an insignificant player in the local market

India’s solar manufacturers are responding to the WTO’s rejection of an appeal last week to retain the country’s buy-local provisions by…Read More