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Author: Dhruba Dasgupta

West Bengal updates state climate action plan

Based on a long-range statistical analysis by scientists at IIT Bombay, the eastern province is set to release an updated state action plan to deal with climate change

In a move expected to spur policy action, West Bengal has updated its State Action Plan for Climate Change after consultations with scientists at IIT Bombay and will release it by August…Read More

Organic farming gathers steam in the Sundarbans

Faced with longer and hotter summers, many farmers in the Sundarbans have embraced organic farming with local crop varieties that are better adapted to a changing climate

Umapati Sarkar, a progressive farmer in the Sundarbans in West Bengal who travels extensively to promote organic farming among the people, has many stories of his journeys…Read More

Plant solar trees, solve space problem

Placing photovoltaic panels on poles will save space in solar farms and rooftops, vital in India, where land is at a premium

A few months after it began operations at two sites in capital New Delhi, the Solar Power Tree, a space-saving power generating intervention using solar energy, is performing steadily at both its locations of installation…Read More