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Author: Dhruba Dasgupta

Kolkata suburbs still cannot handle garbage

Despite operating a climate-friendly sewage disposal system, Kolkata is struggling to implement a project to sustainably manage solid waste in the metropolis

Kolkata is often lauded for its unique sewage disposal through the wetlands on its eastern fringes, but the experience to institute a low-carbon solid waste management system in the city has been mixed at best…Read More

Extreme climate warnings save farm losses

Although the free ArgoMet messaging service has enabled many farmers across the country to pare losses due to severe weather events, there is still scope to improve its reach

For farmers in Andhra Pradesh, the timing of Cyclone Hudhud was really bad. Farming suffered again due to the uncertainties of an extreme climate episode. Crops worth millions…Read More

Kolkata’s heat islands show increased intensity

A rapid loss of green cover, more vehicles on the roads and massive pressure of urbanisation are contributing to the negative change in microclimate in most cities in India

From leafy residential neighbourhoods to the heart of Kolkata’s business district, India’s eastern metropolis is showing unmistakable signs of urban heat islands…Read More