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Author: Glen Peters

China’s coal consumption and CO2 emissions: What do we really know?

China’s carbon emissions may have risen in 2015, contrary to previous assumptions, says new research from Norway’s CICERO institute

China’s coal consumption and carbon dioxide emissions may have gone down in both 2014 and 2015 – or maybe not. Uncertainties in China’s energy statistics are often higher than the total energy consumption of many countries. Can we trust the data…Read More

Why China matters more than ever to a climate deal

China now accounts for 30% of global carbon emissions and must take a leading role in climate negotiations

World leaders meet in New York this week to try to break the political deadlock on climate change and gain momentum leading up to the Paris climate negotiations in 2015. As it stands, climate policies are not going to be sufficient to keep global warming to less than two degrees above the start…Read more