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Author: India Climate Dialogue

Reduced Cauvery share to deepen crisis in Tamil Nadu

The Supreme Court’s decision to reduce Tamil Nadu’s share of the water of Cauvery River is likely to lead to further groundwater depletion, coastal instability and salinity intrusion in the delta

The Supreme Court has reduced the water quota of Tamil Nadu from the inter-state Cauvery River, citing data that suggested that around 20 TMC of groundwater was available in the state…Read More

India’s green bond market expands

Local green bond issuances are helping companies in India to raise money for eco-friendly projects that provide investors a responsible alternative

India has emerged as a good destination for investors wanting to put their money in projects with a low carbon footprint. The country now ranks 7th internationally for total green bond issuances amounting to USD 2.7 billion in October…Read More

India-Pakistan tensions hit climate finance

After objections by the Indian representative, the Green Climate Fund has kept on hold a project to reduce the risk of glacial lake outburst floods in northern Pakistan

The Green Climate Fund has approved 10 more projects worth USD 745 million to control greenhouse gas emissions and to help adapt to climate change effects…Read More