Author: India Climate Dialogue

India-Pakistan tensions hit climate finance

After objections by the Indian representative, the Green Climate Fund has kept on hold a project to reduce the risk of glacial lake outburst floods in northern Pakistan

The Green Climate Fund has approved 10 more projects worth USD 745 million to control greenhouse gas emissions and to help adapt to climate change effects…Read More

India to ratify Paris Climate Agreement on October 2

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed India’s earlier position of not ratifying the climate pact this year

India will ratify the Paris Climate Agreement on October 2, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, exactly a year after the government announced its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution to combat climate change…Read More

From drought to floods in 45 days

A scorching summer has given way to an above-average monsoon in South Asia; people who were praying for rain are now fleeing from it

By the end of July, an estimated 300 people have been killed by floods and around three million have been forced to flee their homes, as a water-parched South Asia has suddenly got too much of it since the start of the monsoon…Read More

How big a polluter are you?

Indian think tanks launch interactive portal to estimate and analyse greenhouse gas emissions by industry and state

India is known to be the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases leading to climate change, after China and the US. Who in India is emitting these gases, and how much? To what extent is India taking care of these emissions through…Read More

Blazing Himalayas set off blame game

Climate change and arsonists have been blamed for fires destroying large swathes of forest, but there is little talk of what the forest department should have done

At least six people have been killed as nearly 400 separate forest fires rage in two states in the Indian Himalayas. Three men have been arrested and charged with arson. The Indian…Read More