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Author: Isabel Hilton

Brexit may not hit bilateral climate action

As four decades of unity come to an end, the United Kingdom exiting the European Union may not alter its energy and environmental cooperation with India and China

On the morning of Friday June24, the UK awoke to a position in the world that had changed irrevocably. Overnight, the result of the referendum called by Prime Minister David Cameron…Read More

Paris agreement gives hope in combat against climate change

After tense negotiations, the UN climate summit led to an agreement supported by 195 countries to move towards a low-carbon age

A global agreement high in diplomacy and with the ammunition to combat climate change has been adopted at the Paris summit of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. French President Francois Hollande said at the closing, “You have made history because you committed…Read More

French hosts haul UN summit to cusp of historic climate deal

French hosts conjure up compromises in draft agreement on climate change, but it’s not a done deal just yet

The legend amongst veterans of the world’s long running diplomatic efforts to contain dangerous climate change has it that the Japanese hosts of the Kyoto protocol became so frustrated at the overrun of the negotiations and the world’s failure to agree that they cut off the water, the heating and…Read More

‘India missed its INDC opportunity’

While India has pledged ambitious targets in its climate action plan, many challenges and questions remain on the trajectory it will have to follow to fulfil its development agenda

“As far as India is concerned, INDC was a missed opportunity,” according to Navroz Dubash, senior fellow at the New Delhi-based think tank Centre for Policy Research. Speaking at an event on the sidelines of the ongoing climate…Read More

One week in and financing is the thorny issue at the Paris talks

On the ground, the meaning of reparations is causing disagreement

The first week of COP21 is nearly over and the text of the agreement that technical teams have been working on, out of sight of the thousands of journalists and observers who throng the site in Paris, is due to be handed over to the chairs. Rumours abound about possible obstacles to an agreement. Most of them concern…Read More