Author: Jayanta Basu

Kolkata India’s air pollution capital

Vehicular pollution, particularly from diesel cars and trucks, are primarily responsible for the worsening air quality in Kolkata, which is emerging as the pollution capital of India

Will Kolkata soon wrest the country’s pollution capital crown from Delhi? Delhi may be vying with Beijing for global topper status in air pollution and garnering all the attention for polluted air, but Kolkata…Read More

Teaching girls to swim can prevent deaths during floods

A global campaign to teach young girls to swim aims to save them from death by drowning during extreme weather events such as flooding that are worsened by climate change

Globally, a person dies every 1.5 seconds due to drowning, and the rate has quickened because of climate change impacts like massive flooding. The situation is more dangerous for girls…Read More

East Kolkata Wetlands loses its champion

The recent death of Dhrubajyoti Ghosh, who focused global attention on the East Kolkata Wetlands, comes at a time when this unique urban ecosystem is in danger of being wiped out

It is impossible to disengage Dhrubajyoti Ghosh from the East Kolkata Wetlands at the eastern fringe of Kolkata that he introduced to the world as a unique urban ecosystem…Read More