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Author: Jayanta Basu

East Kolkata Wetlands loses its champion

The recent death of Dhrubajyoti Ghosh, who focused global attention on the East Kolkata Wetlands, comes at a time when this unique urban ecosystem is in danger of being wiped out

It is impossible to disengage Dhrubajyoti Ghosh from the East Kolkata Wetlands at the eastern fringe of Kolkata that he introduced to the world as a unique urban ecosystem…Read More

East Kolkata Wetlands face new threats by government

A plan to build another garbage dump in East Kolkata Wetlands and changing rules of land use could hasten the decay of this unique Ramsar site that acts as a carbon sink to the metropolis

A proposal to develop another site inside the East Kolkata Wetlands for solid waste disposal and by the state government to make changes in land use have raised concerns…Read More

Kolkata set to beat Delhi in noxious city air

Kolkata’s air is becoming increasingly toxic but the state government has been slow to respond to the public health crisis by taking remedial action

This winter, Kolkata seems to be aiming hard for the crown for the most polluted Indian metro city, a dubious pole position currently held by New Delhi. Kolkata’s air pollution at the end of December was in the same category as that of Delhi…Read More

Best of 2016: Adi Ganga disappears in West Bengal

Stretches of the original channel of the Ganga in West Bengal have been completely submerged under rubbish, illegal buildings and city metro tracks

Adi Ganga, the nearly 75 km long original channel of the Ganga, has been hijacked at several places. Three centuries ago, this was the main outflow of the Ganga to the Bay of Bengal. Today it is a sewer buried under garbage…Read More

Climate change and earthquake link needs more study in India

Although there are some initial indications to link climate change and increased frequency of earthquakes, there is need for further research to check if there is a firm connection between the two

Some seismologists associated with the government of India say that climate change has some influence on occurrence of earthquakes. Others say more research is needed…Read More