Author: Jency Samuel

Native cattle breeds better suited to climate resilience

As global warming becomes increasingly evident across India, the conservation of indigenous cattle breeds that are hardy and better suited to withstand high temperatures has been gaining ground

Bringing home the prizes his bull had won in a jallikattu event, Kaspar recollected last year’s protests. Tamil Nadu had erupted into protests to revoke a ban on the bull-taming sport…Read More

Solar air heating in factories reduces carbon emissions

The industrial uses of solar air heating, which is gaining increasing acceptance, help in paring emissions and use of fossil fuels, and could also lead to a lower oil import bill for India

Without much fanfare, some industries have been utilising this simple and cost-effective technology. It has helped them bring down their fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions…Read More

Best of 2016: Eat millets, pay less, stay healthier, save earth

Demand is slowly increasing for various types of millets that require very little water to grow. Scientists say that millet cultivation needs to be further encouraged to adapt to global warming that leads to losses in crop yields

“There is a marked improvement in our health and stamina after we reverted to a millet diet from rice a few years back,” says Mallika…Read More