Author: John McGarrity

EU’s contribution to UN climate deal “unambitious” say analysts

The European Commission publishes its proposals for a future UN climate deal, but the bloc should improve its offer of 40% cut, say commentators

The European Commission’s proposed contribution to a potential climate deal at Paris talks later this year – including a 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – lacks ambition when set against the bloc’s plans for low-carbon energy, analysts said. The EU executive’s climate plan…Read more

Green Climate Fund: will the pledges be more than just goodwill?

Pledges of aid for developing nations to cope with climate change have removed hurdles to co-operation, creating a positive atmosphere ahead of the Lima climate summit in December

Rich countries are finally coughing up cash for the Green Climate Fund, but even if the US$9.3 billion pledged so far manages to engender goodwill ahead of global climate talks in Lima in December, much more will need to be done to ensure…Read more