Author: Juhi Chaudhary

India needs strategies to combat urban heat stress

High heat stress is making India’s cities unliveable, and it’s vital to devise ways to adapt to high urban temperatures across the country

With climate change leading to a rise in temperatures and rapid concretisation exacerbating urban heat island effect, it has become important to develop both mitigation and adaptation strategies to reduce and combat heat stress…Read More

Air quality worsens in India, Delhi improves

Although air quality in New Delhi has improved marginally, NASA images show widespread burning of crop residue over central and south India, indicating higher air pollution across the country

The latest report card on New Delhi’s air pollution says that things have improved but burning of crop residue over central and south India is expected to lead to an increase in air pollution…Read More

Solar summit expected to hasten pace of renewables deployment

The first summit of the International Solar Alliance in New Delhi in March is expected to speed up the global momentum of using renewable energy to mitigate global warming

As India gears up to host the first International Solar Alliance summit next month, efforts are underway to provide a momentum to solar deployments in over 120 sunshine countries…Read More

Environment and climate change get short shrift in India’s budget

Allocations for renewable energy and environment in India’s federal budget have left both the clean energy sector and conservationists unhappy

As Finance Minister Arun Jaitley rose in Parliament to present the last full budget of the present government before the run up to the general elections due in early 2019, it was clear that environment and climate change were not on his priority list…Read More