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Author: K Rajendran

Kerala farmers embrace aquaponics to combat climate change

Touted as the future of agriculture to mitigate the effects of climate change on food production, the aquaponics method of integrating fish and plant cultivation is gaining ground in Kerala

P.T. Antony, a farmer in Ashtamichira village of Thrissur District in Kerala, couldn’t believe his luck. He harvested as much as 1,180 kg of Tilapia, also known as gift fish…Read More

Where have all the sardines gone?

The myriad effects of climate change, including global warming, has seen sardine catches dip alarmingly in India’s southern state Kerala, impacting the lives and livelihoods of thousands of poor families

The effects of climate change, marine pollution and growing corporatisation has seen the popular sardine all but disappear from Kerala’s waters, leading to dipping incomes for…Read more

Kerala reservoir awaits floating solar farm

The Kerala State Electricity Board is trying to install floating solar farms atop reservoirs. While the technology is promising, questions remain

Banasura Sagar is famous for being India’s largest earthen dam. It will soon become more famous for hosting a floating solar energy generation farm. “We have already invited expression of interest for tentative empanelment of project developers for commissioning 500 kilowatt…Read more

Is the rising sea turning Kerala well water salty?

Nearly 50 wells in and around Poovar, a coastal resort in Kerala, have turned saline. Yet, the government has failed to conduct any detailed study to find out if sea level rise due to climate change is the reason behind it

Near Kerala’s well-known coastal resort Poovar, Mavilakadavu is a small village, five km from the Arabian Sea shoreline. It is a village where residents have traditionally used groundwater…Read more