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Author: Keya Acharya

No tilling please, we are farmers

An alternative farming method of direct seeding that helps Moroccan farmers use water optimally is seen as a good way to cope with weather changes due to climate change

At some 170 km north of Marrakesh in Morocco, the drive to Settat is stark in its arid scenery of depleted soils and eroded lands with deep rills showing up where rainfall runs off…Read More

No protection for our lands or knowledge, say indigenous groups

As the Paris climate summit goes into its final hours, indigenous communities feel left out, once again

A widegroup of indigenous women’s leaders has expressed dissatisfaction at the lack of inclusion of their knowledge systems in the ongoing climate negotiations. Gathering on the sidelines of the main negotiations, MaataliiOkalik, head of the National Inuit Youth Council of Canada, spoke of the dichotomy of the situation. The Arctic is being…Read More

Solar plant atop irrigation canal impresses UN chief

A solar plant covering an irrigation canal, producing electricity and reducing evaporation at the same time, impressed UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon during his recent visit to India

India’s flagging solar energy programme received a moral boost recently with the unveiling by UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon, of the country’s and possibly the world’s first solar energy project spanning a waterway canal…Read more