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Author: Liu Qin

UN Environment Assembly ends with ‘soft’ outcomes

As the third assembly closed in Nairobi, a ministerial declaration and 13 non-binding resolutions were passed, reports Liu Qin

On the final day of the United Nations (UN) Environment Assembly in Nairobi, a ministerial declaration plus 13 non-binding resolutions were passed, with countries committing to action to protect human health and tackle air, water, soil…Read more

China’s hydro expansion will fail without energy market reform

China must tackle shrinking demand in the energy sector before bringing more hydropower online

Energy demand in China is slowing. This is causing a major headache for the hydropower sector, which has invested heavily in new projects in recent years. The continued construction of hydropower has led to surplus capacity and tumbling profits…Read More

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan is the first to include PM2.5 targets

China’s draft economic plan for the next five years contains new targets that will need to be met if the country is to solve its environmental crises, reports Liu Qin

In his address to China’s National People’s Congress on March 5, Premier Li Keqiang called for “heavy blows” to be struck against air and water pollution that have exacted a heavy toll on large swaths of the world’s most populous country…Read More