Author: Manipadma Jena

Are rising heat and humidity fuelling deaths by lightning?

Recent research suggests that extreme heat waves and high atmospheric humidity could be triggering increased lightning strikes in regions that are most vulnerable to climate change

Dark clouds had formed, heading in their direction, the dramatic zigzags across the sky getting closer, but not a drop of rain had fallen yet. This only added to the teenagers’ thrill…Read More

Women bear the brunt of climate-forced migration

The feminization of environmental migration is already underway in South Asia but governments are slow to recognise the role of climate change and there’s no policy action

Hafiza Khatun remembers one morning two years ago. Her husband had come running back from work in a state of distress. The embankment wall that kept the ocean at bay had breached again…Read More

India seeks global adaptation goal in Paris treaty

The climate agreement expected in Paris this year must also have a global goal on adaptation to climate change effects, not just mitigating global warming, say Indian officials

Forty-eight year-old Sushila Majhi exhales in relief as she places aside the hollow bamboo funnel she has been blowing into the fire, as it flares up in the three-stone firewood cook stove. But then she starts to cough uncontrollably, once again…Read more

Erratic monsoon? No problem, say these subsistence farmers

While India is trying to deal with an erratic monsoon that is still sub-normal, some farmers in Odisha show how to adapt to it

Bangari Sisa, 40, cannot remember seeing so few monsoon clouds in early July over her village Gulel, which nestles amidst the high hills of Koraput district in India’s eastern state Odisha. “As a child I’ve touched clouds,” she says laughing, “they’d glide low and shower every so often this time of…Read more