Author: Mohd Imran Khan

Disappearing ponds destroying Bihar

Rampant encroachment and filling up of water bodies across Bihar are stymieing efforts at rainwater harvesting and floodwater management, making the province vulnerable to climate shocks

At a time when there’s a focus on conserving and creating more water bodies for rainwater harvesting and climate resilience across India, a large number of ponds in Bihar is disappearing…Read More

Solar lamps transform lives of rural students and women

An initiative that empowers village women to assemble solar study lamps in rural areas, where access to electricity is poor and intermittent, has proved to be a boon to students and poor households

Even a few years ago, Neetu Devi, Sanju Devi and Anita Devi would have never imagined that they would earn a livelihood by assembling solar lamps that help children to study in villages…Read More