Author: Mohd Imran Khan

Litchi orchards wilt under changing climate

Fluctuating weather patterns have started impacting the famous litchi orchards of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, resulting in poor harvests and decreased sweetness of the fruit

When litchi trees flowered well in March, farmers Ravinder Singh and Surender Yadav anticipated that the fruit harvest would be good. By the second week of June, they were bitterly disappointed…Read More

Climate change threatens dolphin habitats in Ganga

The Gangetic river dolphins are being pushed to extinction due to increased pollution, decreased water flow and shrinking fish populations in the Ganga

The already endangered Gangetic river dolphins are facing a clear and present danger from climate change, which has adversely affected their habitat. The Gangetic dolphins in different parts of Bihar are now fighting for survival…Read More

Flood insurance for Bihar farmers a success

The success of index-based flood insurance in three villages of northern Bihar as a pilot project has ensured that it will be expanded to 15 districts of the state next year

Bhubaneswar Shani and Mahender Rai, both small farmers, are not worried despite the flood damage to their paddy crop this year because they would benefit from index-based flood insurance…Read More

Green mini-grids support disaster relief during Bihar floods

Decentralised solar mini-grids ensured that relief and rescue operations were not hampered during the Bihar floods, in addition to providing a regular and reliable source of electricity to power-starved villages

Ashish Mishra recalled how a renewable energy-based mini-grid proved to be boon while managing relief and rescue operations last month when the devastating floods…Read More