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Author: Mubina Akhtar

Guwahati’s smart city dreams depend on wetlands

Guwahati is the only smart city to be designated in India’s northeast, but its dreams of urban transformation are directly linked to managing its long-neglected wetlands

India is going through one of the greatest urbanisation moves in the world. The recently released Economic Survey by the government estimates that the urban population was set to increase from…Read More

Climate change unravels the golden thread of Assam

Extreme weather events are destroying the silkworms that produce Assam’s famous golden silk

Assam, in North-east India, produces one of the finest, and most expensive, types of silk in the world. Produced by the semi-domesticated silkworm Antheraea assamensis, which is only found in the Brahmaputra Valley, this silk is called Muga – Assamese for “yellow” or “amber” – and is often called golden silk. This silk has been…Read more