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Author: Mukul Sanwal

The Lima deal: Differentiation ends, negotiations begin for sharing the global carbon budget

Time to consider climate change as a social and energy issue rather than a physical and environmental problem, says a former Indian negotiator

Lima witnessed the end game of a 20 year old negotiation around doing away with differentiation between countries at different levels of development and the beginning of negotiations on a global pact for sharing the carbon budget. It is all…Read more

Compromises have to be made by all for an effective climate regime

The next COP at Lima will be a milestone in defining the architecture of the future climate regime. A former Indian negotiator says the discussion should really be on how best to update the climate regime established in 1992, based on the current understanding of natural and social sciences

The current impasse in the climate negotiations provides an unprecedented opportunity for the BRICS countries to re-frame a global…Read more

The Americans have moved on climate negotiations, it is time for others

The US submission on elements of a post-2015 climate agreement is a good basis for deliberation by countries. It is exhaustive, with only some elements still needing to be debated

The US quite rightly acknowledges that “with respect to CBDR/RC in particular, we endorse the view that national efforts will be differentiated across a broad continuum of all Parties based on a range of factors, including circumstances, level of…Read more