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Author: Nadia Pontes

Climate change aggravates terrorist activity

A new study says the risks and impacts of climate change have catalysed the growth of terrorist groups. This is true of Islamic State in Syria, Boko Haram in Sudan and others

Water shortages, poor government response and other factors are fuelling violent conflicts and researchers are finding evidence that climate change is a growing threat to global security…Read More

New Brazilian government ratifies Paris Accord

Less than two weeks after officially taking over as president of Brazil, Michel Temer has announced that the Paris Accord will be enshrined in national law. The announcement follows the joint ratification by the US and China earlier in September

Having largely overlooked climate change in the Brazilian government’s new development plan called a bridge to the future…Read More

Fires threaten Amazon forests and Brazil’s emission targets

Fires raging across Amazonia could reach unprecedented levels by October if authorities do not clamp down on the practice of starting them to clear and maintain pastures

The number of fire outbreaks in Brazil is 57% higher than at the same time last year and the numbers may increase since the fire season intensifies from July through to October…Read More

Climate change increases risk of Zika virus, experts say

Warmer wetter weather and the growth of cities is increasing the spread of mosquito borne diseases

The explosion in the number of Latin American cases of microcephaly – a congenital condition associated with maldevelopment of the brain – has become an international emergency due its “strongly suspected” link with the rapidly spreading Zika virus, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). The WHO has called for urgency in…Read More

Brazil’s bold offer of 37% cut in greenhouse gas emissions wins praise

Analysts and campaigners surprised by ambitious measures though remain skeptical about reforestation pledges

Brazil’s promise of 37% cuts in its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2025 has caused a stir in the international community and shown that developing countries can make ambitious commitments to cutting carbon, climate experts have told Diálogo Chino. The cut will be based on…Read more