Author: Nayantara Narayanan

Newly found wind oscillation may keep drought at bay

A recently discovered meteorological phenomenon in the Indian Ocean, called EQUINOO, can fill in the gaps in the monsoon-El Niño link and explain why an El Niño year is not necessarily a drought year

The great Indian monsoon hit mainland India in early June and, as feared, hasn’t quite delivered. Meteorologists, farmers and economists, who have been waiting with trepidation for what is expected to be a below par rainfall year….Read more

What brought the rain that caught India off guard?

Scientists worry about increasing westerly winds bringing more winter rain, as global warming raises evaporation from the Mediterranean Sea

A sudden heavy snowfall threw life out of gear in Kashmir this March. Snow up to several feet fell on most of the valley, whipping up blizzards and triggering avalanches on the steeper mountain slopes. At least 17 deaths have been reported. Around 2,000 homes have been…Read More