Author: Neeta Lal

Wheeling in change with solar charkhas

Khadi, the homespun fabric that was a metaphor for India’s freedom movement, could get a new lease of life with solar looms that will use less water, generate employment and boost productivity

The push by India’s ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) to promote the use of solar ‘charkhas’ (looms) in the moribund khadi (loom-woven fabric) cottage industry augurs well. The move will not only make khadi…Read More

New programme helps Indian firms control greenhouse gas emissions

As India continues to suffer the impacts of climate change, Indian businesses turn to the India Greenhouse Gas Programme to manage their carbon footprints. The programme currently manages 14% of the country’s emissions

As climate change unleashes coastal flooding, erratic rainfall, heat waves and increased glacier melting in the Himalayas, the need for India’s corporate sector to play a greater…Read more

Civil society needs to augment its fight against climate change

As the world struggles to lay the foundations a new global climate deal in yet another round of annual UN-led negotiations in Lima, experts stress that it is the role of civil society organizations that is crucial to bring a change at the grassroots

As multiple stakeholders gear up to hammer out a global agreement to combat climate change at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) summit in Lima…Read more

Women show climate leadership to tackle water scarcity

Climatologists have warned that women in South Asia are particularly vulnerable to climate change. As already-scarce water in the Rajasthan desert becomes more elusive due to climate change, a project is training women on how to manage water better

There is mounting evidence that climate change is leading to increased hardship for poor women, especially in rural areas of the…Read more

India trails in energy efficiency

Antiquated power plants and inefficient electricity generation are the hurdles that India faces as it seeks to power its growing economy and also improve people’s access to electricity

India languishes at the 11th spot in energy efficiency among the world’s 16 largest economies, says a global energy efficiency scorecard released by the US-based non-profit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)…Read more