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Author: Nidhi Jamwal

Climate change increases human-wildlife conflict in Sikkim

Recent changes in climatic conditions in the heavily forested Himalayan state of Sikkim could be fuelling human-wildlife conflict around protected areas in the province

Beena Pradhan, a young entrepreneur, runs a cosy homestay called Green Magpie in Lower Kitam village, right next to the boundary of Kitam Bird Sanctuary in South Sikkim district…Read More

Changing rainfall patterns cause for worry in India

The meteorological department’s analysis of annual rainfall for the past 50 years has found significant increasing or decreasing trends in districts that could put a spanner into India’s food security scenario

Since June 13, there has been a hiatus in the advance of southwest monsoon in the country due to the weakening of its circulation pattern. This dry spell is expected to soon change…Read More

Analysing recent high-impact storms in India

In terms of frequency, recent thunderstorm and dust storm activity was higher than normal, a top meteorologist said in an interview, adding that the intensity was also high, but not record-breaking

Vast swathes of India have been recently buffeted by high-intensity thunderstorms and dust storms that led to hundreds of deaths and millions in property damage….Read More