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Author: Nivedita Khandekar

India to monitor all large Himalayan glaciers

India has launched an ambitious project to monitor all Himalayan glaciers above 10 sq km to calculate future water availability and plan for the safety of people living downstream

India has this year embarked on a massive programme to monitor every glacier that is 10 sq km and above in the Indian Himalayas. The ambitious project from Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh is aimed at monitoring 267 glaciers for water…Read more

Erratic rain, rising temperatures hit Assam tea gardens

Tea growers in India’s Assam state are worried as production falls due to high temperatures and lack of rain and are looking at ways such as irrigation and planting more shady trees to mitigate the problem

Acres of rolling greens, endless rows of orderly tree shrubs broken by tall, leafy trees, women with bamboo baskets slung on their backs busy plucking tea leaves…To the unsuspecting eye, it is all normal at the Koomsong Tea Estate…Read more