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Author: MM Paniyil

Extreme rainfall and human interventions devastate Kerala

Scientists say that the unprecedented Kerala deluge is the result of intense rainfall, massive deforestation over the years, unrestrained construction, and most of all, stone quarrying that destabilised hill slopes

As flood waters recede in Kerala and boats engaged in rescue return to the coast with people cheering the fishers, experts are probing what caused the worst deluge in almost a century…Read More

Deadly thunderstorms test India’s weather warning system

To control the damage from high-impact thunderstorms, India needs to deploy a better weather warning system and ensure widespread awareness of safety measures

After thunderstorms killed over 60 people by mid-May in northern India following a similar event involved 125 deaths earlier in the month, scientists are calling for better forecasts and dissemination…Read More

Swell waves damage Kerala coast, seawalls worsen impact

A high-energy swell from the Southern Ocean caused extensive damage to coastal areas in Kerala, with some scientists saying that seawalls and breakwaters worsened the impact

They rolled in relentlessly, hiding packs of energy that they unleashed on sandy seashores of southern India, where they crashed as high waves, carving out parts of it, and cracking house walls…Read More

Kerala wakes up to ghosts of plastics haunting the Arabian Sea

Marine plastic debris has emerged as a problem in the coastal areas of Kerala, endangering fishes, birds and ecosystems, and threatening the livelihood of fishers

On a thin strip of land between the Arabian Sea and a lagoon 30 km north of Thiruvananthapuram, capital of Kerala, artisanal fishers are finding a menace — plastic debris from the ocean…Read More