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Author: Pinaki Roy

The return of the king

The famous Hilsa fish is in sharp decline across Asia due to overfishing, pollution and lack of water in the rivers, but Bangladesh is the one shining exception

As New Year’s Day is celebrated in Bangladesh today, people have an extra reason to cheer. After many years, they can have their favourite fish Hilsa for lunch, dinner and maybe their afternoon tea as well. In the many fish markets of Dhaka, that king of fish in Bengal — Hilsa…Read More

Solar lamps make big money for Bangladesh

Bangladesh earns 3.56 million euro by installing home solar energy systems in villages off the electricity grid

“Now things are totally different for us. The solar lamp has changed our lives,” said Momena Begum. “We can do some work in the evening. Like now I can stitch a nakshi kantha (a cotton wrapper with a traditional design) if I have some time in the evening. Some other women in my…Read more