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Author: Raghu Murtugudde

India’s food-water-energy nexus: disaster or opportunity?

Overuse of water for irrigation is taking India towards disaster, but new technologies provide opportunities to reverse the trend

To escape the disaster being caused by the water-food-energy nexus, India must rapidly deploy new solutions, enhance its own innovation for its monsoon-specific agricultural system, and develop nimble policies…Read More

We are all of two minds on climate change

A two-steps forward, one-step back approach to climate action plagues countries and corporations alike but there’s hope in influencing the younger generations, who will feel the full brunt of a warming world, into taking appropriate action

One would think dire warnings on climate change would goad governments into action. But locally, the urgency just isn’t always there…Read More

India needs a solution-based position for Paris summit

As the world gets ready for the 21st conference of parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, to be held next year in Paris to develop a climate accord to replace the Kyoto Protocol, climate diplomacy is in full swing at global and multi-lateral levels.

The US and China made big news recently by announcing their own plans to cut emissions. This is exerting some pressure on India…Read more