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Author: Ramesh Bhushal

River on the floodplains — best friend and worst enemy: Koshi Basin Part 4

Building of embankments has turned the capricious river into a fiendish foe for Nepal and India

All rivers in the Koshi basin lead to the Ganga. The major rivers the Sunkoshi, Arun and Tamor travel hundreds of kilometres from the glaciers in Tibet and meet at Triveni, 20 kilometres before the foothills peter out into the southern plains of Nepal. For people living on the plains…Read more

Dreams of hydropower dollars: Koshi Basin Part 3

Earthquakes could shatter Nepal’s dream of tapping its vast hydropower potential

About six kilometres south of the Tibetan border in Dolakha district, the country’s largest hydropower project is being built on the Tamakoshi River, one of the tributaries of the Koshi. The construction of the Upper Tamakoshi dam is yet to regain pace after last year’s devastating earthquake…Read More