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Author: Ramesh Bhushal

‘Loss and damage’ issue lost in Paris, almost

Should ‘loss and damage’ be a standalone issue or be included in the adaptation section of the Paris agreement? As the climate summit draws to a close, vulnerable countries are worried that a compromise will be forced on them, again

Negotiators gathered in Paris have less than 60 scheduled hours to ink a global deal on climate change but the critical issue of ‘loss and damage’, a hot button topic in previous meetings…Read More

Water Nobel winner seeks water rights for people

The Stockholm Water Prize is often called the Nobel Prize on water. This year’s winner Rajendra Singh of India speaks exclusively to on the eve of the award ceremony and says water should be saved from the corporate world

Amidst a gathering of over 3,000 people from around the globe to celebrate 25 years of World Water Week in Stockholm, Rajendra Singh is being awarded the Stockholm Water Prize…Read more

Global sea levels may rise by over 6 metres: study

A new study says global sea levels could rise by at least 6 metres even if average temperature rise is kept below 2 degrees

During the last interglacial—a warm period between ice ages 125,000 years ago—global average temperatures similar to today led to a sea level rise of 6-9 metres, caused by melting ice in Greenland and Antarctica, according to new research published in Science Journal. This means…Read more

Lima climate talks: An insider tells of anger among most vulnerable countries

Least developed countries were cut out of the UN climate talks, with decisions made by powerful allies behind closed doors, says a member of Nepal’s negotiating team

At 4 am on the morning of 13 December – about 12 hours after the UN climate meeting was supposed to end – a group of frustrated negotiators from the least developed countries (LDCs) gathered in a small room to discuss the text of the…Read more