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Author: Shipra Mathur

Frontier Markets walks the last mile to distribute solar products

The Jaipur-based social enterprise has perfected a unique distribution model to promote green products in remote villages in Rajasthan

More than 200 women have fanned across the desert state of Rajasthan in western India to spread awareness on products powered by solar energy amongst poor people living in hard-to-reach villages. Called Solar Sahelis…Read More

Rain shock in Rajasthan exposes shortcoming of state climate plan

Farmers in around 21,000 Rajasthan villages are in deep trouble as much of the standing winter crops have been ruined by recent hailstorms and rain. Experts fear that worse is to come. It may be time for the state government to rewrite its climate action plan

South Asia has seen 150% more rainfall in the 45 days between March 1 and April 15, 2015 than the average for this time of the year…Read more

Village digs a pond, prospers in era of frequent droughts

Led by a septuagenarian, residents of Bapu Gaon revived a pond to meet their water needs. In the process, they set a fine example of community leadership in building resilience to climate change effects

Kalyan Mal Singh, a 70-year-old village leader, picked up his broom before narrating his history of nature conservation. It is his leadership that saved Bapu Gaon village from a recurrent…Read more

A village adapts to climate change in myriad ways

A small village in Rajasthan sets an example by its model of environment governance which combines traditional and religious practices with scientific concepts to tackle problems brought on by climate change

Lapodiya, a village of 200 households in Rajasthan, is a shining example of how environment governance at the grassroots level can save a village from natural disasters…Read more