Author: Sibi Arasu

Across India, some farmers return to their roots

Traditional wisdom combined with modern methods of agro-ecology is helping Indian farmers in diverse parts of the country to adapt to a changing climate

Much like many other parts of India in the past two years, Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh has been suffering from one of the worst droughts ever. “Drought is not new to our village, but I cannot remember a worse time…Read More

Nilgiris threatened by climate change

Amongst the most fragile ecosystems in the world, the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu is bearing the brunt of climate change evident in the increasingly erratic rainfall and higher temperatures

Water mafia tightens hold on parched Chennai

Overexploitation of groundwater to meet growing demand, combined with increasingly unpredictable weather due to climate change, further stresses Chennai’s fast-depleting aquifers

About 30 km north of Chennai’s centre is the coastal village of Kalanji. It’s located just beyond the industrial hub of Ennore, which hosts three thermal power plants, two ports and a coal yard…Read More