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Author: Swati Madan

Obama’s climate diplomacy: the dangers of bilateralism

The climate bilateralism Obama pursues sets a dangerous precedent that undermines the multilateral framework under which the world seeks a meaningful global treaty on climate change

While it was not the first time a US President visited India, nor the first time Barack Obama came calling, the saturation coverage of his visit was unprecedented. Readers of national dailies and viewers of news channels were…Read more

Zero sum diplomacy cannot save world from climate change

Global problems call for global collective action and climate change is no exception. The need of hour is statesmanship rather than pursuit of narrow interests

The danger posed by global warming is only matched by our blatant disregard of it. A scan of news headlines demonstrates our preoccupation with short term crises as the planet inexorably heads towards an apocalyptic tipping point caused by unabated emissions of heat trapping…Read more