Author: T.V. Padma

India takes baby steps towards HFC phase-out

With environment ministry officials holding discussions with industry representatives on July 10, India is finalizing its position on HFC phase-out in preparation for a global meet in Paris later this month

India, a late and reluctant entrant into global discussions on phasing out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) – coolant gases used in refrigerators and air-conditioners and with high global…Read more

Study soot to understand melting rate of glaciers

An inventory on sources and flow of soot across India could be extrapolated to understand black carbon emissions across the Himalayas and their impact on glacial melt and flow

How exactly does soot or ‘black carbon’ particles released from the incomplete burning of fuels affect hydrologic sensitivity and glacial melt in the fragile Hindu Kush, Karakoram and Himalayan (HKH) mountain system? The answer…Read more

Forest loss in the tundra reduces South Asian monsoon rain harder than loss in the tropics

The monsoon in South Asia is impacted five times more severely by deforestation the tundra than in the tropics, says a new study

Large-scale deforestation in mid- and higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere impacts the South Asian monsoon far more than local deforestation does, and could cause an 18% decline in monsoon rains over India, a new study says. It urges inclusion and careful…Read more

Forest situation worries experts, despite minister’s promise

The government policy is to plant lots more trees as part of India’s climate mitigation strategy, but experts worry about contradictory policies that may take away more forest land for factories and other projects

India will opt for “aggressive” afforestation to expand its tree cover as part of its climate change mitigation strategy, says Prakash Javadekar, Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate…Read more

India to map thawing permafrost

India plans a pilot study to map a Himalayan state’s frozen soil or ‘permafrost’, whose thawing due to global warming may cause extensive natural and infrastructure damage

For the first time, the Indian government is planning a pilot study of permafrost in Himachal Pradesh. It is expected to provide crucial data in a little-studied area of climate change impact in the Himalayas. Part of an Indo-Swiss science and…Read more