Category: Adaptation

Organic farming gathers steam in the Sundarbans

Faced with longer and hotter summers, many farmers in the Sundarbans have embraced organic farming with local crop varieties that are better adapted to a changing climate

Umapati Sarkar, a progressive farmer in the Sundarbans in West Bengal who travels extensively to promote organic farming among the people, has many stories of his journeys…Read More

Dharmapuri forgets some names for rain

Climate change impact in the form of erratic and more intense rainfall has impacted the dry land farms of Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu, but some farmers are adapting by growing millets

Every time it rains in Dharmapuri, M. Molagappan, a retired farmer, claims to know its’ name. The year is split into periods of 13.5 days, he says, and each period has a different name…Read More