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Category: COP21

Big breakthrough at climate summit despite US

Despite stiff resistance from the developed world, India wins promise on accounting for action now at the UN climate summit

As President Donald Trump has already withdrawn the US government from the Paris Agreement and sent a letter to this effect to the UNFCCC, what are US government delegates doing in the negotiating rooms during the climate summit…Read More

International Solar Alliance gets a home

It also gets initial funding from Indian agencies and a 300 million euro pledge from France, though that is a small percentage of the 1,200 billion euros needed

France will provide 300 million euros (22 billion Indian rupees) to the International Solar Alliance (ISA) mooted by India and launched at the Paris climate summit last year. The announcement was made by France’s President Francois Hollande when — along with India’s Prime Minister…Read More

India needs to accelerate International Solar Alliance

The International Solar Alliance launched by India on the opening day of the Paris climate summit is still trying to find its feet; if properly run, it can mobilise the money and new technologies needed to make solar the world’s primary source of energy

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President François Hollande launched the International Solar Alliance (ISA) on November 30, 2015, the opening day of the Paris…Read More

Gagging on the air in India after COP21

As it moves ahead on the path of economic development following an intensely negotiated climate deal in Paris, India must also fight critical environment challenges like air pollution that is killing many thousands each year

India might have managed to fend off criticism at the climate change negotiations in Paris for not doing enough, but it can hardly escape the blame at home if it falters while dealing with the…Read More

Let them eat solar panels

The building of renewable energy industries and their global diffusion should be the real legacy of the Paris climate pact argues John A. Mathews

In the wake of the Paris climate accord, there has been much discussion of the so-called ‘moral case’ for fossil fuels, particularly in countries like India. The case goes as follows. It is all very well for activists in the advanced world, and even for do-gooders in the UN to celebrate a triumph in Paris…Read More

Paris emissions cuts aren’t enough – we’ll have to put carbon back in the ground

There are plenty of creative ideas for carbon dioxide disposal: someone just needs the incentive to do it, says Myles Allen.

We’re unlikely to hit “net zero” emissions before temperatures reach 2℃, and even less likely before they reach 1.5℃. If we fail to reduce at the required rate then we will be left with no option but to scrub the excess carbon dioxide…Read More