Category: Coping with air pollution

Hazy plan cannot clean up India’s air

The central government’s draft National Clean Air Programme is so poor that it needs to be written out afresh

India’s Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change has drafted a National Clean Air Programme and invited public comments till May 17. It is such a poor draft that it needs a fresh look after consultations with independent experts and victims…Read More

Kolkata India’s air pollution capital

Vehicular pollution, particularly from diesel cars and trucks, are primarily responsible for the worsening air quality in Kolkata, which is emerging as the pollution capital of India

Will Kolkata soon wrest the country’s pollution capital crown from Delhi? Delhi may be vying with Beijing for global topper status in air pollution and garnering all the attention for polluted air, but Kolkata…Read More

Cleaner air will recover costs of reducing climate change, and more

If India reduces air pollution significantly, the savings from health costs would be many times the amount it spends on reducing emissions of the greenhouse gases that are causing climate change

Savings from reducing diseases caused by air pollution could help India earn economic benefits that would be many times the amount it spends on controlling global warming… Read more

Air quality worsens in India, Delhi improves

Although air quality in New Delhi has improved marginally, NASA images show widespread burning of crop residue over central and south India, indicating higher air pollution across the country

The latest report card on New Delhi’s air pollution says that things have improved but burning of crop residue over central and south India is expected to lead to an increase in air pollution…Read More