Category: Rising seas and coastal ecosystems

Extreme rainfall and human interventions devastate Kerala

Scientists say that the unprecedented Kerala deluge is the result of intense rainfall, massive deforestation over the years, unrestrained construction, and most of all, stone quarrying that destabilised hill slopes

As flood waters recede in Kerala and boats engaged in rescue return to the coast with people cheering the fishers, experts are probing what caused the worst deluge in almost a century…Read More

Chennai takes baby steps to restore water bodies

Jolted out of complacency after the devastating 2015 floods in Chennai, city authorities have begun to restore water bodies in the coastal metropolis. But experts and activists say that there’s a long way to go

Whenever P. Hemamalini goes to her house in West Mambalam in Chennai, she goes past a Lake View Road. But she says there’s neither a view nor a lake along the road…Read More

World wakes up to climate migration

Millions of people worldwide are being displaced by natural disasters triggered partially by climate change, and the international community is finally taking steps to mitigate the suffering

This year is set to be a milestone in the arduous journey of climate migrants. The global community is beginning to fathom the challenges of people displaced by floods and sea level rise…Read More

Swell waves damage Kerala coast, seawalls worsen impact

A high-energy swell from the Southern Ocean caused extensive damage to coastal areas in Kerala, with some scientists saying that seawalls and breakwaters worsened the impact

They rolled in relentlessly, hiding packs of energy that they unleashed on sandy seashores of southern India, where they crashed as high waves, carving out parts of it, and cracking house walls…Read More

Organic farming gathers steam in the Sundarbans

Faced with longer and hotter summers, many farmers in the Sundarbans have embraced organic farming with local crop varieties that are better adapted to a changing climate

Umapati Sarkar, a progressive farmer in the Sundarbans in West Bengal who travels extensively to promote organic farming among the people, has many stories of his journeys…Read More