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Tag: Arunachal Pradesh

Anti-dam protests continue in Arunachal Pradesh

Anti-dam activists had thought they had won when the Bharatiya Janata Party campaigned on an anti-big dam manifesto, but the new government of the same party continues supporting big dams, earning the ire of activists

Locals in Arunachal Pradesh are resisting more dam building on Siang, the main tributary to the Brahmaputra. In a recent meeting…Read More

Arunachal hydropower project halted to save black-necked cranes

The decision by the National Green Tribunal is likely to lead to more comprehensive impact assessment studies being conducted for other hydropower projects proposed in Arunachal Pradesh

Hopes have resurfaced on saving the nesting grounds of endangered black-necked cranes in the Naymjang Chhu basin after the tribunal in April suspended the environmental clearance…Read More

Another sunrise in Arunachal

Arunachal Pradesh, which was vying for the title of India’s powerhouse with hundreds of hydropower projects planned, has changed gear and is now looking at a combination of solar and geothermal energy

As it moves to harnessing the sun and other sources of renewable energy to meet its power needs, Arunachal Pradesh seems to be living up to its name – land of the rising sun…Read More