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Tag: Arvind Kejriwal

Big Delhi push to rooftop solar

India’s capital has a new target to generate a gigawatt of solar power by 2020 and 2 GW by 2025 through rooftop installations, with the government announcing a slew of incentives

Delhi may be the next big solar city, if the government of India’s National Capital Territory has its latest wish fulfilled. It has set a target of generating 1 GW of solar power…Read more

Odd-even scheme returns to Delhi

After the success of the first phase, the Delhi government is applying the policy of limiting car traffic by odd-even license plate numbers on odd-even days, once again

The second phase of odd-even – one of the world’s biggest experiment to combat air pollution – is back in the capital city of India. The Delhi government had advertised heavily after the completion of the first phase of the scheme in the beginning…Read More