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Tag: Bangladesh

Keeping heads above rising sea, barely

Villagers around the Sundarbans in Bangladesh have become totally dependent on prawn and crab farming as the water and soil have turned too salty for anything else

Laila Khatun was carrying an armful of mud from the river. “Come, I’ll show you,” she said when asked why. The large hut where she lived with her joint family was next door…Read more

The Farakka effect: If honeybees migrate, why not people?

The consequences of the Farakka Barrage on southwestern Bangladesh have been devastating, driving migration into Assam and West Bengal, and inflaming ethnic conflict, argues Ashok Swain

The Bangladesh-India relationship is complex in nature, but one issue has dominated it: politics over the Ganga. The Ganga water sharing issue goes back to 1951, when Bangladesh was…Read More

Climate change raises earthquake risk

As sea water warms due to climate change, it expands; this rise in volume upsets the balance of tectonic plates, says a new study, adding that the Gangetic delta in South Asia is particularly vulnerable

An earthquake is building up under the Gangetic delta, which could possibly be linked with the rapid rise in global temperatures leading to climate change…Read More