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Tag: bio-fuel

Frugal technology helps in climate cause

Women in several villages in the mountainous Uttarakhand state are using low-cost solar cook stoves and biogas plants to significantly improve their lives in an eco-friendly manner

She removes the dome-shaped cover and shows the hot chillies that are now dried to perfection with a satisfied smile. Bimla Devi is a proud owner of a solar dryer…Read More

Turn waste into climate-friendly resource

The vast amounts of garbage and waste that India produces can be turned into biogas and other fuels by using techniques such as the Fischer Tropsch Synthesis that also reduces carbon dioxide emissions

In his first Independence Day speech after becoming Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced that he would make Swachh Bharat one of his government’s most important goals…Read More

Budget boosts renewables, but niggles remain

From reducing import and excise duties to using sunlight to power railway stations, India’s budget took big steps to energise the renewables sector, but some important issues were ignored

India’s federal budget for the year starting April 1 retained the government’s emphasis on renewable energy by allocating INR 33.61 billion and announcing a slew of measures…Read More